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TTI is an independent firm of engineering consultants who have specialized in the diagnosis and correction of repeat component failures on fossil, nuclear and gas turbines.

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  • Failure Analysis

  • Design Evaluation

Since 1998

These include premature fatigue caused by vibration, over-cycling, load following, inadequate cooling, aerodynamic instability, lack of damping and/or the consequences of operating in a high temperature or wet steam environment.

  • Damage Tolerance

  • Risk Assessment  


Steam turbines - Gas turbines - Compressors

Blades - Discs - Casings - Valves

Our consultants have been supporting operators, OEMs, third party suppliers, insurers and research institutes worldwide since 1998. Our expertise is derived from several hundred failure investigations and evaluations using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques. We serve our clients by providing the technical details and insight necessary to make informed engineering decisions on whether to run as-is, repair or replace.   

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